I truly believe that every shot is a lucky shot. No matter how great the equipment, how inspiring the background or how good you are, if there is no action, there is no shot! But to paraphrase Louis Pasteur ‘Luck favors only the prepared mind’

Our strategy is to do a lot of planning, work really hard, shoot intentionally and get really lucky. Fortunately, we get lucky a lot. None of this would be possible without the great race directors, their spectacular venues and hard work; and the amazing athletes who put on such a great show.

Long ago I realized that every photographer’s idea of a great shot is different and every photo editor is different than that. Similarly, I realized that no single photographer could adequately tell the story of a major event.

I am always excited when some of my great photographers/friends can join me for key events, most notably the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, the Hawaii Ironman and an occasional event around the world.

My thanks go out to Jonathan Phillips, Bob Kupbens, Nick Morales, and Joe Michl, for their amazing skills and vision, which add not only to our collective work product, but to me as well.